Sunday, May 24, 2009

Merkava Mk 3D: Work-in-progress 3

Hi guys,
More updates on my build. I've completed the turret, including attaching the main gun too. What's left is the BALL & CHAIN armor, which will inevitably suck a whole chunk of my energy once it's completed...


1)Driver periscopes added. These are the clear plastic ones from the Stryker set.
2)Side skirtings completed as well.
3)Turret completed, except for the ball & chain armor to be added on below the turret basket.

4)Ball & chain armor to be added here. The chains are to be attached to the row of holes as seen below.
This is the set for the ball & chain armor. Oh no, i foresee frustrations coming soon...:(

Now what's left is
1) Applying the anti-slip to the horizontal surfaces of the hull & turret,
2) Ball & Chain armor,
3)Tow cables...
Then we start painting...

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