Saturday, June 6, 2009

Merkava MK 3D: Work-in-progress 4

Hi folks!
Ok, the anti-slip on the horizontal surface of the hull & turret is completed. This anti-slip basically is very evident on the merkava tanks; they act as a grip for the crewmen when they move ard on the tank's surface.

This anti-slip was created using a textured paste and applied with a flat brush for the hull and a smaller brush for the turret surface.
The purplish areas in the pics are the maskol solution used to cover areas not needing the anti-slip. Rest of the areas were covered up using tape.

After the texture was dry, the maskol & tape were slowly removed.
Total time taken: 1 Sunday afternoon + night.

The purple solution is the maskol, while that on the right is the textured paste i used to create the anti-slip.

Ball & Chain armor:
This is finally completed!!
Total time taken: 2.5 nights + 1 morning
Total sets to assemble: "lost count".... no la, about 58

Next up, attaching the side skirts, and priming...
After that i'll need to experiment on the colors to use.

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