Friday, April 10, 2009

Updates: Work-in-progress STRYKER M1128 MGS

Hi folks,
The stryker's completed, are not ready yet. Let me share some of the in-progress shots first... The stages of weathering...
  1. Raw umber filter with oil paints. To tone down the over shade as well as begin the worn out look.
  2. Pin wash with raw umber around the rivets & recesses to add contrast to the smaller details as well as create depth.
  3. Subtle chipping around the frequently walked areas like hatches, edges. A darker shade of the base color was used.
  4. Dry brush of the raised details.
  5. Apply grey/brown filter from MIG Productions. To "sink" the washes and paint chips into the base color.
  6. Apply pigments+thinner over the chasis to create the muddy look. A darker earth color was used followed by lighter sand pigments to create the tonal variation of the mud & sand.
  7. Pigments + sand wash over the tires to create the dusty look.
  8. Pigments applied over the 0.5 MG
  9. Application of the sand pigments over entire model, concentrating mainly on the lower hull.
  10. Application of soot pigments over the muzzle & engine grille.

And lastly...My antennas mounted on...


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