Thursday, March 26, 2009

Recent purchases!

Hi folks,

Some updates on my recent purchases. These really cost me a bomb! Now you know where my $$money goes..:P and where i'll be on wkends with these kits staring at me everyday.."quick! open me and start working..."

In total, there's 11 undone kits in queue. These shall last me at least 2 yrs..

Hope u enjoy ur visit...

Brandon :)

1)Merkava Mk3D (FULL RESIN KIT, PriceS$179.90)
Just got this today..:) my fav, Israel armor... Of course the kit in the pic is not mine, its the manufacturer. Guess i'll be working on this during 2nd half of 2009..:)

Same kit painted up. Done by manufactuer, not mine..:P

2)After market parts for Academy's Merkava Mk4(Resin parts, Price: S$13.40)
Got this today as well...:)

3)Academy's Merkava Mk IV. (Plastic kit, Price: S$27.90)
Got this abt 2 wks ago. Guess this will be the pipeline for 2010..:P Since i already have the full resin kit for the Mk IV...

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