Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Stryker 1128 MGS: Work-in-progress

Hi folks,
Just finished painting. First i did a pre-shade with black. After that, a fine mist of Olive green was applied over the entire body.
Olive green lightened with dark yellow and this was applied onto each panel. The mixture is slightly thinned down.

More dark yellow added to lighten the green...

More dark yellow added to further lighten the shade. The top surfaces were further lightened with sail color as compared to the sides of the veh. This is to represent the lighted shade with the 12noon sun shining on the veh.

The overall shade is much lighter, but this is fine as subsequent weathering/washes/filters will tone it down...
Hope you steps, gloss varnish and applying decals...Then we start WEATHERING!!

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