Saturday, April 25, 2009

Merkava 3D: Work-in-progress

Hi guys,
Some quick updates, begun sawing off the resin blocks of the turret, turret basket, upper & lower hull.


Turret with the unwanted resin block(extreme right area)
Turret after the resin block removed(left area)

Turret basket after the resin block cut away.(Din take the pics with the resin block)
Lower hull with the resin block(extreme right side)

Lower hull after sawing off the resin block

Upper hull before sawing off the resin block(extreme right side)
Upper hull after the unwanted resin removed.

And the usual mess after just a few pieces are prepared. Not to mention that I cut my finger while working on the resin, something i'm used to when working with resin kits..

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