Sunday, August 24, 2008

Tiger 1 Late - Building completed!

Hi folks!
Latest update to my Tiger 1 proj after about 2 mths... I've completed the construction phase...Will be moving onto the painting phase, dats where e fun begins.. This has indeed been a challenging model to deal with...does help to improve my building skills, especially with photoetch (the metal parts on the model)....The saying dat models produced by Dragon seem to always be over-engineered...I truely agree...

I had to use individual track links to construct the tracks as the original rubber ones in the kit were too long...rather a disappointment with Dragon's technology.."

Everything assembled! created some damages to the track fenders to represent battle-damage

This is the Tiger 1 after a layer of primer added.

Now it's ready for painting...Once the 1st layer of paint is on..will post some pics..sometime next wk ba...

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