Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Work-in-Progress - Tiger 1 Late

Hi folks!
More in-progress pics of my Tiger.

Here's the base coat applied to the entire vehicle including the tracks. Just to note, everything is assembled (except the clear periscope lenses) prior to the paint job. The combination i used for this shade is yellow (H313) + small amts of Sandy Brown. Gives it a more sandy look.

From here on, i started to apply the camouflage pattern using Red Brown. This was applied free hand with my airbrush. Had to tune the nozzle to almost the finest to create the fine camouflage patterns. My 1st attempt at this. This model jus keeps getting more challenging...

Some close up shorts of the camo pattern.
Now the tracks are finally painted. Color used is Tire Black. Looks very "clean" huh. Well all these is the pre-weathering stage; it'll look very different after weathering. As this is a WWII subject, i'll be doing quite a substantial amt of weathering in the coming wks...
Notice too the "Post-shading" technique carried out along the edges of the side panels and along the corners. 1st step in creating the 3D effect.
How were the tracks painted while on the vehicle?
Firstly i generally airbrushed the tracks color onto the tracks, inevitably some parts of the roadwheels were sprayed on too with the tracks color, but no worries, this will up touched up later. After the main bulk of the tracks was covered. I sprayed back the base coat color of the tiger onto the roadwheels. The remaining portions of the tracks not covered by the airbrush were subsequently handpainted. Doesn't matter if the tracks are only abt 90% painted as they will eventually be heavily weathered.

Next steps would be:
  1. Detailed painting of the tow cables, pioneer tools on the tank, etc.
  2. Application of the gloss coat on the entire tank.
  3. Application of decals.
  4. Weathering...Details at a later stage in a step-by-step process...


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You spelt "ARMOUR" as armor wrongly in your about myself intro! Damn... how on earth could you get it wrong!