Sunday, August 24, 2008

Latest Updates after a long time...

Hi folks!
Its been almost 2 mths since my last update....Ok ok, haven't been touching my models for quite a while...Well...been busy with wanted & Unnecessary distractions...;P
OK..was deviating from my main stream hobby into something else...Statues! Figurines! Especially those from the recent Dark Knight movie..."I'm a sucker for batman stuff.." wad to do..
Dis is wad i've been busy wif...
"For those requesting to see hw big my 1st Dark Knight statue is in comparison with e others"

This is the Dark Knight statue, he is standing on the damaged Bat signal. Vinyl quality...Stands approx 14" tall. My fav batman statue... This is the new suit that Christian Bale wore in the movie

Some close up shots...

Also just got this in July...A statue of the Black-suited spiderman from "Spiderman 3" Statue's made of ceramic..Total weight's abt 4kg (quite heavy)

And lastly..had also opened up my Battle-damaged Robocop by Mcfarlane...This is a 12" figurine.

Ok folks...ive already started back on my last project, the Tiger 1 late tank...will be posting updates very soon...:)

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