Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Merkava Mk 4: Work-in-progress 5

Managed to get a considerable amount of work done over the super long wkend(including added leave 2day for me....:D)...

Ball & chain armor was completed sat morning... Followed by primer of entire model to check for any irregularities....found some & corrected them.

Adding primer also helps the paint to adhere better.

Preshading of the panel lines. This time round I decided not to spray entire model black, only the corners, panel lines, & recesses recieved the black shadows.

Base color after much highlighting and ligtening of the base color. This time round, the color scheme was shifted away from my usual predominant greyish tone, toward a more khaki sand tone. Of course the color now is much lighter, however, this will be toned down in subsequent weathering steps.
Post shading done to enhance the shadows, decals added and the turret basket airbrushed. rubber tires & the rubber skirtings painted as well.

I've already begun adding the filters, a brownish grey tone... (pic above is without filters)
Next steps:
-Sand filters, umber filters...& many other combinations...can't tell now coz i won't know what i'll use later...keke..:p
-Pin washes
-Paint chipping
-Rust/dirt streaks,
-Weathering tracks, etc...the list goes on...
Good nite folks!

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nice looking model good painting to
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