Saturday, September 12, 2009

Merkava Mk 4: Work-in-progress 3

Hi folks,
Some more updates on the build... assembly's almost done (85%)

I did some modifications to the last panel of the side skirts on both sides. As you can see below, the vertical frames are too thick for 1/35 scale, so are the horizontal rods. So....
Left panel: 1st 2 vertical beams & the rods removed, leaving only the last in place for me to gauge the height & shape as well for the replacement beams & rods.
The right side panel in process of being removed & you can see the replacement vertical beam(white color) which is much thinner & more to scale.

The replacement rods: The centre vertical panels were drilled through & the replacement plastic rods, 0.5mm diameter, were slotted in.
The completed modified panel. Looks more to scale.

The modified panel attached to the hull.
Close up of left side panel.
Close up of right side panel
The anti slip surface applied to all the horizontal surfaces. As per the previous build(Merkava mk3), the texture was applied in the same manner. A total of 02 layers applied.

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