Saturday, July 11, 2009

Merkava Mk 3D: Work-in-progress 7

Hi folks,
Some more updates on the pin wash application.


1)Pin wash on the turret basket canvas. Raw umber wash applied along the recesses and flaps
2)Raw umber filters applied over the tactical signs
3)Close up shots of the pin wash around the antenna mounts within the canvas sheet.

4)Pin wash around the rivets on the hull front

5)Pin wash along the side skirts. It enhances the depth of the model.
Close up shots.

Right side.

6)Pin wash around the rivets on the commander's modified hatch

7)Pin wash application on the turret.

Close up. I thought the washes initial stage look rather strongly contrasting. Will tone this down in subsequent steps.
8)Dry brushing with silver on the surfaces of the tracks. The tracks were initially sprayed black gray/tire black. This is the base color. Subsequently, will be applying many many layers of washes to create the worn look, which will make it look rather different.

Next steps:
1)Paint chipping
2)Additional filters to blend in the chips.
3)Wash application on the tracks & wheels.
4)Dirt streaks on the side skirts

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