Sunday, February 13, 2011

Churchill Mk III- In-progress 3

Hi all,
Managed to get some considerable work done over the CNY long wkend, as well as additional long leave the week after. :)

1)Decals applied
 2)1st attempt at using non-conventional colors for filtering.
-Red(complementary color to green) and yellow, dots applied to the central area of each segment. As red & yellow both are warm colors, it gives a warm feel to the exposed areas of the tank. Both colors are then blended together (see next pic for the results)
-Red & blue dots added to the shadowed areas. As shadow areas are generally meant to be "cooler", the blue mixed with red = purple, will create this cooler areas in the shadows.
  Central areas appear more faded & warmer. Shadows are enhanced further.

Top parts after filtering with red & yellow, giving a warmer and faded effect. 
Pin washes also done. 
Stay tuned for more:)


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