Friday, January 30, 2009

IDF SHOT Kal: More progress

Hi folks,

More in-progress pics of the SHOT Kal...

Pin Washes: Pin washes using raw umber oil paint was used. The washes were applied in recesses & around details & grooves to bring out the depth of the model and create that 3D effect.
Detailed painting of the pioneer tools: the wooden handles were painted in sand yellow first. A thick layer of burnt umber was painted over the surface and left to dry for an hr. A flat brush was then used to gently "pull" off the remaining oil paint to creat the wood grains.

Paint Chipping(1st Layer): I recently learnt this technique of creating the 1st layer of paint chipping...The 1st layer of paint chipping was carried out over the entire model, focusing on the edges and areas of weakness and high usage by the crewmen. This first layer of chipping involved using a lighter shade of the base color, to represent the various coats of paint applied on the vehicle. It also gives the depth and contrast to the model. Subsequent deeper chipping will be carried out over the 1st layer in areas where there is higher wear & tear. (Notice the slight contrast in the chips and the outer base coat alongthe edges of the bazooka plates)
Filters added too! A burnt umber filter followed by 2-3 layers of yellow ochre filter were applied prior to the chipping process to give the worn & faded look on the paint.

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