Monday, June 16, 2008

Work in progress - Tiger 1 Late Version (German WWII Tank)

Hi guys!
I'm back on my projects once again...Just 2 weekends ago, started on my Tiger 1 Late version... As you can see from the box art below... A bit of brief...This is a German World War II tank, a classic model that every modeller has to build someday somehow...a rather challenging kit...some new things to learn too!
Below are some of "Work-in-progress" pics as i commence on the model. The pic below is the hull of the tank, with the roadwheel arms already added to both sides.
These are the roadwheels to be added on soon...Lotsa filing of the wheels to be done. Interesting thing is that on each side of the tank, there are like about 4 layers of wheels... See the other pics for more illustrations

The hull with the wheels added on...See what i mean by the 4 layers on each side?

Ok here comes the real challenging part... see the yellow areas. That's putty applied to the vertical surfaces of the vehicle. During WWII, this was the anti-magnetic paste that the Germans applied to their tanks to prevent the enemies from sticking bombs onto their tanks.
Took me several attempts & 2 trips to the model shops to get the correct tools to 1)apply the paste & 2)create the correct texturing on the surface of the paste...

More pics of the textured areas..This texturing is called zimmerit.

More close up views of the turret with zimmerit. Can see the patterns? Don't ask me y some areas are uneven or peeled off zimmerit. That was deliberate.

The gun mantlet with the zimmerit.
Phew!! Finally completed the zimmerit application.
Stay tuned for more updates


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