Wednesday, May 7, 2008

M113A2 - Updates on my progress(3rd last phase)

Hi guys!

It's been a while since i last posted stuff up here... Just last week, got my new camera...Canon ixus 80IS with my dude, Leonard Kok... Not too bad a deal la, got it at $383 at Sim Lim Sq, if u wanna know the shop name, it's Merdeka.

Anyways, with my camera and my tripod back in hand today;)... it's time to update you folks on my progress of the loong overdue project on my M113A2.

Currently i'm in my 3rd last stage to completion. The initial part of the weathering on the main vehicle has been done(creating depth in the model)...What u see now is the stowage(all the equipment & backpacks, in case e ladies dun get it..) being added onto the vehicle... A very common culture in US armor since WWII.

As you can see from the first picture, the items seeem rather individualized, i.e. they kinda dun blend in with the entire model as a whole art piece & look very clean... thus now what's left is 1)to create the depth(3D effect) on the stowage and 2)"tie in" all items together with the main vehicle so that they seem as one whole piece as opposed to "individualists". Step 2 will be done via some weathering techniques which I'll share once the entire model's completed...

The 2nd pic shows the camo net slumped onto the front portion of the M113. A common sight too, even in SAF(right guys?) The camo net is made up from tissue soaked in wet white glue. Green tea leaves (Thanks Vanessa! for the tea leaves...:p) were then sprinkled over the wet tissue. A 2nd layer of "Lipton" tea leaves were added after the initial layer was left to dry for 24hrs. After that, I painted on a diluted layer of khaki green to give the camo net look.

This is a water jerry can which I decided at the last min to add to the bustle rack on the left side of the vehicle...Hmmm..last min? it always happens...This is still in its unpainted form.

And how can we miss Sprite...Din think of Coke in this instant...
Some other very important items to be added onto the vehicle at the final stage.

And that's all folks for now.... Will post pics of the final completed project soon.. After which i shall be takin a short break...

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